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Hello on day 35,

Honestly quite sick of wearing the patch. Not that I want to smoke or thinking about giving in. What a pain in ***!!!! I have a large muscular upper torso even though I have the high quality nidoderm cq patches. They are sticking, but irritae me all day from wanting to pull up or twist etc etc. They have been working but, today is week 5 and 5 more to go. I geuss I am just venting ............ Anyway I hope everyone is well


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Aw Grinster x x

Vent away hun day 35 i think your due a vent! :p lol

They irrated me too, i even found i could smell the nicotine on them too, smelt awfull!

Finding a fresh place not used in the last 4 days or whatever it says, too was awkward.

However!! They did do the trick for me for a long time after the course too!

When i quit the patches too early i didnt quit smoking long :(

So stick (hehe excuse the pun) with it x x

I have a large muscular upper torso

Well Done x Keep it up x



Hi Grinfire..........I done the same as Buffy on earlier try to quit ......stopped patches after 3/4 weeks due to thinking that I could get away with being a no smoker, especially since they were costing about £15 at that time and they itched like hell! Unfortunately after a week or so returned to 20 fags!

This time intend to follow patches to the letter and go complete course. If you having probs on arms/chest etc why not use lower body.....thigh area great and doesnt seem to itch as much! I know some people will argue that it will take the nicotine longer to move through blood to brain, but my quit nurse said no problems anywhere except mouth or

Anyway well done mate.......keep going!:)




You and buffy are funny, Remeber the best wepeaon the nic monster has is you panicing. So if you try to remain calm, you can beat most cravings. If you acknowledge you are an addict, you will be able to beat the addiction. That is a very important step in the quitting process. As to the muscular comment- I wasn't bragging I was whinning lol. It seems as if everytime I put a patch on when I move or flex, the flat spot goes into a buldge as a muscle flexes. pulling the patch up and leaving it only partially attached.

Good luck to everybody and thanks for the support!!

Thanks Geordie



I hear what your saying grinster, sounds to me like;....

Blah ........ blah.............blahdy ............blah ..............rhubarb.......................when I move or flex, the flat spot goes into a buldge as a muscle flexes.....................rhubarb .............blah, .....................blah.

:D hehe not really i heard properly just kept getting stuck at that bit hehe

yes calm, calm, calm, simple! just i forget that bit sometimes ><

Kind off applies to lots of things in life, staying calm under pressure. It's a good mantra. It's a very good thing to point out here!

Well Done for Keeping Calm and in control Mr Nic doesn't like that one bit!





Must be a british thing ;)



hey boudee


You should go take a peek at the day4-7

I some how mixed you and buffy up for a sec,



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