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day three is s**t


Hello all , I've moved myself over to day 3 :-) Which is probably the ONLY thing I'm happy about right now. Do any other ex excessive cannabis users know if it's ment to get worse before better. I swear yesterday was not as bad as this. I did manage to get some sleep last night, which was novel . ( cannabis is such a sleep initiator , without it , it's very difficult ) I've also managed to eat again , but going to the docs this morning, as I'm sick every time I eat . Again , I'm sure this is my body reacting to me shovelling food in it , without the *munchies * i've been used to them triggering my appetite for the past 10 years or so . :(

I'm very miserable at the moment. Keep bursting into tears , Have had to bin all my *real life story* mags, which I bought to keep my mind off things . They had adverse effects , and I've spent since I woke up this morning, greeting over adulterous husbands, fat kids, and general doom and gloom.

I have the doctors this morning, to check out my sickness..... I wouldn't bother going, but the fact I'm actually starting to feel weak and hungry , and still can't hold my food down is disturbing.

Oh and a final point ..... I have started seeing cannabis ! I kid you not ! Not only did I dream about it last night ... (first dream in 10 years of using the drugs, cannabis causes many people to forget their dreams, me included)

I sat here this morning, and several times I was convinced I'd found a couple of buds on my pc desk ! Had to double check , before I realised it's my mind playing tricks on me .

I'm going to cry my way to the doctors now ... It's strange seeing people go past me , giving me sympathetic glances, as if I have something worthy of crying about ..... Thankgod they don't know !

That's all for now folks, sorry about the war n' peace.

B xxx

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Hay Benite ((((( hugs))))) sorry to hear you're feeling so low today.

It's a good idea you're going to the Docs, I hope you get some productive feedback - you'll have to let us know what was said.

Giving up fags and weed is twice as hard, and you're doing really well.

Don't forget - you can always post here any time you feel the need to off-load!

We here supoorting you all the way Benite!!!


Your doing the double bubble which makes it hard x x The nicotine is the real evil drug, addiction wise that is!

Feeling so Sad is usual 2nd time i gave up I was really badly crying for a few days, day 3 is the worse and a slow climb up hill to day 7 i know it sucks bad but really please stick with it x x x x just take it hour by hour, remember it won't be forever and there are improvements already. Try writing a list of positive things since quitting, and negatives of not quitting see your progress. Good idea to see dr too, quit councillors are great if you can get that there, i had one last year and it was a great quit tool. Soz i have really rushed this post as i got to go get my daughter.

Take care lots of care you deserve it hugs kisses and whatever i can offer to give you a smile.

Buffy x

Hi Benite

Sorry to hear you are feeling so low today i can say that on day 3 i thought i had gone to hell and back but it does get easier I PROMISE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Benite

Sorry your feeling so ill It will get better My 30 year old Son Has drink prob Detoxed few weeks ago realy ill for first few days Hopfully it will start getting better after day three BE thinking of you LInda


Hi all , Well I'm nearly at the end of day 3, and what a day its been . Thanks buffy, its good to know that others felt the same regarding day three in relation to the first two . I automatically assumed it would be easier than day one and two . How wrong I was . Well I'm not going to witter on in this post because I feel like S**t .

Thanks all . See you tomorrow .

(buffy Im gona have to start a voucher collection! My god, what with the weed and fags , I'll be a multi billionaire before I know it , *forces a smile* )

Yeah you should!

Sweet Dreams now you can ;)

Doing so well x x very proud of you x x

See you in day four chick! xXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx

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