No Smoking Day

To all thinking of quitting

To all you thinking of giving up. Go for it, its not that hard (with hind sight) Its a bit mad realy it's hard at the time but you soon forget that first week once its over with.

Just convince your self that your not having another fag, be prepered for feeling a bit sh**y for a day or five. sounds hard but just think of it like having a bad cold, or a dose of the flue. just stick it out and it will pass. no matter how bad it feels at the time.

im not trying to preach, but if I can (40+ with 20+ years smoking under my belt) and still not cured but on the mend.

come on all. go 4 it

P.s all you none members viewing don't be shy join in lets hear from you.

I have now been a none smoker for: 0Y 2W 2D 23H 41M 16S. I have not smoked: 509 Cigarettes. That amounts to a saving of £ 135.90. I will now live longer by: 0Y 0W 1D 16H 46M. Since I Quit on the 05 March 2007. The number of people worldwide that has died from smoking related deaths is: 232698. Download Bubblestats free from


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