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Second Week

Well over half way through Day 8 in my SECOND week.:)

Went into the shop today to put the lottery on, looked up, and was sorely tempted by all those packets of ciggies on the shelf behind the assistant. Thoughts like - well it's been fairly easy up to now so you could just have 1 (i.e. packet of 10) and go back to not smoking tomorrow.!!

As if!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nasty Nic raising his ugly head again.:eek:

But, I resisted.

The microtabs the doctor gave me are absolutely foul and don't do much to alleviate any craving. So, today not using/taking anything and, so far, not too horrendous!

Congratulations again to all who are still fighting the good fight.

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Oooooh glad you resisted!

I get that feeling too, then I feel like I did when I was a schoolgirl buying fags! lol It feels like a naughty and wrong thing to do now!

Well Done Maggie the worst is over x x:D


Congratulations on day 8!

If you have any severe negative effects from going without the pill hang in there until it kicks back in! I'm not brave enough to try anything without a crutch yet :) Good for you!


Well done Maggie. It is Day 9 now though so extra well done. I can't go with out my lozenges yet so I think you are doing really well:)


How ridiculous us ex smokers were!

I have just thought of one of the most stupid things I ever did as a smoker. Whenever I could I would get someone to bring me back cheap fags from abroad and then when they ran out I would stuff new fags into the old foreign packets so I didn't have to face the warning on the packet each time I reached for a fag because I couldn't read it!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone else ever done this?



Wish I had thought of that! I never did that but I would of! glad it's too late :D

I used to buy 10's to top up my 20 box so it didn't look like i had smoked so much ><


Hi Maggie

Glad to hear you resisted all those nasty fags and when you feel tempted just remember Mr. Brown added 11p on to a pack of 20 yesterday that makes me more determined.

Jules xx


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