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Day two

Hiya peeps,

I've promoted myself to the day to thread :-) I had about 2 hours sleep in the whole course of last night, and they took place between 6-8am this morning . not good. Am hoping tonight is easier. I'm still feeling ratty ... I don't feel like i've given up , I feel like i'm stopping til My next smoke. For some obscure reason my head just doesn't wana come to terms with the fact 'never again ' well Im going to try and get some work done , and I'll more than likely be popping back in shortly , with everything imaginable jammed in my mouth bar a smoke . oh hum!

Good luck . x

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Hay weldone you!!!!

it's hard to think 'never again' think 'just for today' the mind is able to cope better... I hope you can get to sleep... your body needs the rest to be able to repaire it's self.

Keepthe good work up! ;)



Good on you.

I gave up the green and ciggies at the same time a 35 days ago.

Been doing great since then. I used to weed up in order to get a good nights rest. Then it started to not work anymore. Since quitting both I have had one bad nights sleep, but that was because my pregnant wife kept hogging the duvet. Bless her.

I kid you not when I say it takes me about 3 1/2 minutes to fall asleep now it's great.

But those are my benefits dude, you will have yours too and they come rolling in.

Keep up the good work




Congrats on the promotion to day 2 ;)


awww boudee, Im so sorry to hear of your heart ache . I cant really point the finger myself, as I've spent the past decade in a comatosed state, waiting and finding my next fix ........ Maybe she will eventually realise how institutionalised she has become to the weed? That's kinder how I went .

Thanks to everyone for all your kind words. It's strange how I sit 'hoping' that I make it , when the fate is ultimately only in my own hands.

X x X


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