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day 4 and struggling


Well it is day 4 and I am struggling a bit. Trying to sort out mortgages, life insurance etc for new house. I normally smoke like a trouper on the phone. The good thing is though, I haven't and never want to go through Day 3 again!! Trying to keep positive. Still want to keep eating and still feel a bit emotional. Hope everyone else is doing ok and enjoying their week-end. :)

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Doing Well

Hi Sandra.........keep going.....your doing great......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Good for you, Sandra.

I'm on Day4 as well - finding a bit harder being at home all day instead of at work, where I can't smoke obviously - but hanging on in there.

Like you, I'm looking around a bit for substitutes but, so be it, got to be better than smoking a ciggie, eh?

Keep up the good work.:)

You two are doing great!

Past the halfway point of the first week! Hope you are rewarding yourselves on a job well done! With you 100%,


Hi Sandra

I am on day 4 too and am not too bad today keep going you can do it!! Yesterday was just a bloody nitemare i wish i had never got out of bed but with 2 young kids that wasnt an option .

Maybe thats why i feel great cause yesterday was soo bad


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