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No Smoking Day
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Day 16: Repairing the damage

Into week 3 now and I feel better and better each day. To be honest, I cannot see myself smoking ever again.

My lungs are clearing out a lot of crap at the moment. I know its a disgusting thing to talk / think about but does anyone know how long it takes the lungs to clear out all the crap thats been put in there over the past 25 years. I read somewhere that there is about half a cupful of tar in a heavy smokers lungs .... and it takes 10 years to fully clean. I read that exercising does not help clear the lungs.

Was also wondering if the damage done to arteries repairs itself - e.g. thinkening walls and thinning vessels. My circulation seems to be a lot better but again, I was wondering if there is anything I can do to help - e.g. eat something or exercise more?

Realise it is still early days yet but I am determined to get the recovery process underway as soon as possible. Feel that I want to make up for lost time.

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you are doin great!

woot woot, glad to hear the cleaning process doesn't wait to long! Congrats on making it to week three! With you all the way,



According to what I've read:

Between 3-9 months after quitting your lungs will increase in efficiency by 5%-10%. So it takes a while for them to recover. However, your blood will carry oxygen a lot more efficiently soon after you stopped. After 5 years a smoker will have double the chance of a heart attack than you.

Eating healthy stuff and exercising will always benefit you. Even if there is some damage you cannot undo, being healthy will reduce the strain on your system.


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