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Day Seven, Hell Week Soon Over


What can I say, I haven't had a killer craving yet today... Perhaps this is because I got them out of my system last night. Here's what happened. I am working an eight hour morning shift, with a pager. I got called in at midnight, and worked almost into my morning shift. If there ever was a reason I thought I should smoke, this was it. 24 hours, no sleep, running on only 5 hours the previous night. Well, after much cursing, three hot showers, a bag or two of pumpkin seeds later... I am still a non smoker. I am still free. I slept a wee bit during the day today, woke up, and have not craved big since. The emptiness is fading, the thoughts are diminishing, I feel wonderful. I thank you all for being here, and i'll talk to you laters,


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Week 1 - Excellent

Well done Viking. You made it to week 1 smoke free.

You ought to feel really proud.

See you in week 2.

Carbon, how many posts till we are no longer juniors?

we have to be close to the member number... 30 maybe? haha... i vote we post back and forth for a wee bit and hit it. One week in, I don't feel junior anymore, lol.


I see a member who has 34... no longer a junior, we are definetly close

Stop Calling me Junior!!!!!

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