No Smoking Day

Day 14 - Milestones

I've smoked about 180,000 cigarettes in the last 25 years. :confused:

I've spent about £50,000 on my addiction. :mad:

Assuming 5 mins for each cigarette, I've spent almost 2 years of my life either smoking or going for a smoke. :eek:

How disgusting, wasteful and stupid is that?

Well, today I'm happy to say I've reached a milestone that I can finally be proud of. I've finished two weeks fag free. See you all in week 3 !! :D

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Grat news mate- am on the brink of week 4 here, but every day is a milestone as £4.50 goes into the piggy bank.

Even joined the gym tonight- this feels good.

Now sorted out the nicotine overload- on a patch in the day and then have a few puffs of inhalator at night- then nothing during the night.

Was overdosing big style but it kept me off and that was the most important thing.

Take care mate- stay strong and as u are an apparent mathematician, whats 20 fags per day over 40 years at the market rate of £4.50, and average time, 3 mins per fag!

Big sums!!!


Hope am not sounding smug- I aint- am still petrified I could go back- its all a bit surreal


woot woot both of you!

Glad you are getting over the sleeping problems Ron, and congratulations Carbon on your two week victory! You all rock!



The Maths ...

Hi Ron

Your stats ....

290,000 cigs - well over a quarter of a million cigarettes !!

66,000 pounds -

2 Years solid smoking without doing anything else (does not include time looking for cigs, buying cigs, thinking about cigs)

Shouldn't matter too much Ron. Hopefully the counters have stopped for all of us and we can move onto more productive outlets.


Figures you two would want to read the ten best reasons to keep smoking

10. That lighter comes in handy for birthday candles.

9. Your ex-spouse wanted you to quit and you won't give him/her the satisfaction.

8. The occasional holes in your clothes give you a needed excuse to shop

7. Philip Morris needs that money more than you do.

6. Those extra wrinkles give you that "mature" look.

5. The smell on your coat makes it easy to pick it out of a pile at a party.

4. If not for the smoking you'd be perfect, and nobody likes a perfect person.

3. If your sense of smell came back you'd have to do something about that litter box.

2. You wouldn't get any exercise at all if you didn't run outside the building every hour for a cigarette.

1. That rattle when you breathe reassures you that you're still alive.

(found these on a canadian forum, vike)


Chhers Carbon hope ur ok- am good here, a good day and feeling very positive- hope it lasts.

Thansk to all for ur help- am at work so best get something done, but cannot tear myself from here- another addiction!!!




I'm well pleased you're managing so well now, thought we were going to lose you at one stage...!

In fact, everybody has been doing really well. The 4 week mark is the critical one....if you can get there without giving in then you've 'broken' the worst of the habit and hopefully you'll be finding life a lot easier.

Of course everybody is different so don't sweat it if you are still finding it tough, just keep doing whatever works for you!


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