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Day 13 - One More Positive

Into day 13 now. Wow! Sometimes I can't believe I've come this far. I'm really chuffed with myself.

Just back from a 3/4 mile run despite having a cold - and I feel fantastic. Can now run while breathing through my nose ..... before I had to breath through my mouth, otherwise I wouldn't get enough oxygen into my lungs. The number of positive things that I am experiencing after having given up is endless. I could write a book on it!!

Small pangs / cravings after work at night but nothing I can't really handle with water and some fresh fruit. Unfortunately, I still like the smell of smoke when I pass someone outside smoking ..... but at this stage, I think smokers look ridiculous and I feel sorry for them.

Keep at it everyone - especially the 2 ronnies as they seem to have the toughest time of it on this forum.

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Well Done

Well done Carbon....each time I read your screename i chuckle and can see funny side of it lol......anyway every1 seems to be getting into biking and jogging with their new found ability to actually breathe!!!!!!!!!

My other half is trying to get me out running with her but weathers been less than 25C so no chance at moment.

Anyway well done......I still enjoy the smell of "fresh" smoke also but like you pity those that are making themselves smell like ashtrays. Stale smoke is so revolting!.

Great to see you doing well and yes it seems to be harder for the two ronnies, never heard from Ron in yorkshire for a day or so, but they will succeed eventually. Keep going and good luck!



Its been hard last 48 hrs but still fag free, the cravings seem to be dying down so am human again could not even come on here, its been that bad- but have been strong

wow what an ordeal



Congrats Ron

Great news Ron. I really am pleased about that. :D

You must be well into the 20th day or so by now. Keep at it.

You've got a lot of support here.


Carbonneutral for the win! wtg, every day rocks smoke free, eh!


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