No Smoking Day

Day 12 - Revelation

Into day 12 now and I have to say

Quitting Smoking is Simply the Best Decision I've Made in Years

I wish I never started. I'll be 37 in a few days time and have been smoking 20 fags per day for almost 25 years. To think, I could have been playing football or cycling or playing tennis all these years but was too busy smoking fags. Will probably go skiing next year with the money I'll save from not smoking.

Time to get busy living and enjoy all the things that I should have been doing all those years. Anyone reading this that is thinking about giving up ... well, my advice should be pretty obvious ....what are you waiting for? .... just do it.

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Well Said Carbon

Pity we hadnt all taken our own advice a long long time ago....but unfortunately people will continue to ruin their lives with the fags. Just glad we realised at last eh....Your doing well......and holiday would be great way to give yourself pat on the back....well done.:D


Woot Woot

Wtg Carbon, you being a week ahead of me, is giving me reassurance that I can make it that far! Cel-eb-rate good times come on!



Took me a week, but i've got to this post.

Day 12 for me now! Slow going, massive craves today, but alas... I did not submit to the nicodemon. Instead, i bought a shiny new dvd :) I love having spare cash.



Buy anything but fags

Lol.....u can spend money on anything else but fags and you know you havnt wasted the cash by setting it on fire and inhaling it!

Keep up the good work. Its also nice to actually be able to smell and taste again after all these years. Bring it on Month 3!:D :D :D


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