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No Smoking Day
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I made it here

Woohoo:D Here I am week 2!! It's not been without its struggles, but I have managed a whole 7 days:D Hopefully that fact alone will keep me going through the tough spots that this week is waiting to throw at me! I am however thinking of setting up a new website for ex smokers who can't stop eating! I am trying to control it, but every now and then, the only thing that stops me from lighting up is to eat:( I guess I just have to remind myself what Ron's Dr said - does not matter what you put in your mouth as long as it is not a fag, and at least having given up the fags, it will be easier to exercise the extra weight off without collapsing from lack of oxygen.

Good luck to us all in a new week !

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I'll join you in week two in a few days :D Way to go!


Week 2

Week 2 - congratulations. Great to see you making it.

The eating thing is a tricky one - but I think we can all cope with the fallout from that later. Most important thing is to stay smoke free.


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