No Smoking Day

Day Five, Not Smoking and Still Alive

Edited: Hey everyone... I've made it another day, onto 5 now. I'm enjoying being able to congratulate myself daily, haha... back to work today, so a few more triggers to watch out for. I've made it this far, just going to have to figure out how to kick the pumpkin seed habit before its too late. Take care everyone, we can stick with this.

Here is the edit part:

It is now 7pm here... and i'm goin nuts. Nobody to look to for support around here. I researched herbal ciggies, and decided to stear clear of those, as there is still CO and tar in those. With no NRT's, this is becoming one tough ordeal. My boss at work stated today that he quit 18 years ago... and still finds himself saying "no". This scares me. I know that it will be best for health, smell, etc if I never go back. I also wonder if i can handle being an ex nicotine junkie better than being my old junkie self. I refuse to fail at my quest this time... , and i'm sorry if i sound whiny, but you folks are my only outlet to breaking the habit. I live alone, no pets or anything, haha, so you get the brunt of my thoughts. I can't wait till the smell of smokers disgusts me... then at least i will be seeing some progress. 9ish days left in my first two weeks. Heres hoping it will simmer down after that. Summer soon too, and I want to be active more than anything else. Kudos to those that are struggling like me, and kudos to those thinking about a struggle in the near future. We can do it... I'm just not sure I can handle doin it for as long as I have to. Every smoke i had since getting fully dependant, made me hate myself a little bit more. And now, instead of celebrating my freedom from them, I just hate the anxieties and anger I have to everything for no reason. I went from being a vessel that needed a regular nicotine top up, to being a vessel gone empty... somethings missing, and I've got to figure that one out for myself. Fingers crossed, and my willpower's on overdrive. Had to vent a little bit on here. At least nobody is here to see me at my visibly weakest, mentally most strong state ever. Love the forum, take care all, i'll post again day six. My destiny lies in a smoke free day today. PS... if you are wondering, i'm five hours behind.


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Well Done Viking

Hi Viking and others who are quitting but have yet to add a thread. Viking you should really be proud of yourself.....before you know it the days turn into weeks (cant say months as have yet to reach one...but hey you get the drift).

Anyway you are doing the right thing by quitting but hey I use the NRT patches (lifeline believe me). They seem to take the edge of the cravings. I doff my hat to anyone who does it the cold turkey way...but as long as you get to the end result of being a no smoker it doesnt matter which way we do it I suppose.

Well just thought I'd put a quick reply in but will catch up to you later.....keep going mate and although there may not be people on here to speak to straight will always get a reply eventually from someone. Glad to have u onboard....regards Geord:D


Its gets easier

Hi Viking

I'm cold turkey as well and am close to 2 weeks. Had some rough times from day 5 to day 10 - especially at night after work.

Now I hardly have any cravings.

Keep at it. You're doing great.


you have lost a friend but not a very good one


All I can say is that you will miss the fags and be grieving for a while because I think deep down everybody does but then you will get a moment of sheer happiness when you suddenly feel so elated that you have finally got rid of that bad friend that you never really liked, the one who you relied on but made you ill and guilty.

Nobody said it would be easy but it will be the best thing you have ever done, I promise! Good luck and chin up


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