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Day 18

Well onto another day...fag free.....(and u also ron). Nearing end of working week again and have found it quite ok......not without a few cravings but fortunately not as bad as some people have reported.

Wont be in the company of many smokers at work this evening so should remain temptation free. Anyway will update later...stay positive and hope you all have a great weekend (fag and ash free).

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Yo Geordie- have a good weekend- got through last night- a bad one, and have got through today almost- went for a run after work, legs aches like hell bu anything to keep me off the fags. 3 weeks ago I could not have run 25 yards- tonight did about 2 miles- its amazing how soon health has come back. Had another bad craving an hour ago but went a walk round the block. Out on bike tomorrow with my mate and having a quiet can of Stella at home now. Cheers for all ur help- am finding it harder than u but today am more positive

Have a good weekend. Hope the mags win!



Good news

Good news lads ....good to see that you both seem to be doing so well. 2 miles jog .... that's amazing. I bet there's lots of never smoked people out there that couldn't do that. You should be really proud Ron

Its 9:30 now so baby is in bed .... starting to think about the things that I'd like to do in the evenings over the next few weeks. Have my fruit and water close at hand. Day 9 nearly over and I still haven't had 1 puff.

See ya later


Good man

Hang on in there- fag free too- and no cigs either! Feel dead chuffed-legs ache though!

Have a good weekend



Day 18 (End of)

Hi there all,

Well thats Day 18 over and done with.....was'nt to bad but still have to make sure I get the patch on at right time or I do start to crave a bit...problem is although wife has me on healthy eating plan I have at times replaced the fag with food, but she's quit understanding and getting me off the cigs is the main priority.

Ron I think your better half will deserve something something special at the end of all this as she seems to be keeping you going and must have loads of patience. Well impressed that you resisted the cravings last couple of days and know I'm probably repeating this but each time you have them and fight through without having a fag you will get stronger! I know without support of my wife keeping kids problems at bay I might not be so positive giving up! I'll treat mine to shopping spree in Newcastle today if we can get moved for the football crowds. Magpies should win but that remains to be seen.

Anyway onto Day 19, wife pressing me to go jogging with her this weekend but will see what weathers like. Great to hear you going well also Carbon....I know we can all do this!


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