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No Smoking Day
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Day 9 - Weak Moments

Well, here I am now at day 9. Things going quite well at the moment. Just went for a jog and feel good ... should help take off some of the excess weight I'll have gained from my extra eating at night. Really happy with myself that I haven't smoked. Find it quite easy during the day as I am busy at work. I do think about fags but I don't crave them.

Weekend coming tomorrow and it is going to be a little tougher. Also, I am finding it particularly difficult at night when I come home from work. After dinner I don't have much to do .... except watch TV .... and I find that difficult / not interesting. So from 9 o'clock until 11 o'clock I'm at a loose end.

I'm going to sit down tonight and write out a list of things that I want / need to get done. This should keep me busy for a few weeks and help keep my mind off smoking. I think the key thing we all need to do is look at our weak moments and try to minimize the frequency of these moments and to minimize their impact.

The other key weak moment I have is the pub ..... haven't set foot inside a pub for 2 weeks and don't intend to for at least another 2. Last thing I need is for a few pints to mess my head up and convince me that I should celebrate giving up the cigs by having a fag ... or worse, explain to me that since I've given up now I can easily have another fag without worryng about getting hooked !!!

Anyway, hope everyone keeps going. Think March 14 is no smoking day and I'll be 3 weeks off the fags. Keep going.

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go running in the evenings instead!

If you feel good in day because you are busy at work and find the evenings stressful, do your running at night instead. Leave at least an hour after your supper then go for a run then have a nice shower and read or watch a good movie. You are doing really well, you just have to tweak a few more things to get a really happy state of mind. I am speaking from experience - I have started knitting and painting - I always wanted to do these things anyway but now I need to keep my hands busy I have found these hobbies a life saver. There will come a day when you don't even think about fags letalone want to smoke one, honestly, this is my 6th week and I feel really positive still. I have not been out so******ing yet but next week I am going to a big do and I am determined to get myself through it.

Keep up the good work!


Stay Positive

Hey Ruby nice to see people staying on or re-visiting site to let us know what to expect and how to continue fag free after the first few weeks. Bet your so proud.

Carbon you should feel well proud at your progress so far....I think even visiting a place where there are smokers will not persuade you to try them again as you're positive attitude to-date will get you through it. Also you wont be jealous of other smokers, but will actually be feeling more proud that you are breaking the habit and no longer a slave to the fags. Dont let the prospect scare you.....you're bigger and stronger than that!

Well done both of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: I can now drive and listen to radio without turning it off when no smokings ads come on! Sounds daft but thats what I used to do when I smoked. Couldnt bare to hear the big "C" word and peoples stories of how smoking effected them......would rather bury my head in sand and keep justifying the habit! But no more!


Yo Carbon

Cheers for ur support and u too Geordie- good to see lots of other on here- we need to help each other out as I guess we all know we could slip back.

My probs are evening too. Unless I am out, (go to pub quiz on Monday- ballrooom dancing with my wife and friends Tues and usually out one weekend night somewhere, my nights are usually spent surfing the web. i dont do much TV, and can listen to my music while on here. Now and again I read. However, my weakness of a night is a few cans of Stella. Sometimes that makes me want a fag, but less now. I have made a big sacrifice giving up the cigs, and am not prepared to cut down on my 4 cans at the same time. The doc said I could put anything in my mouth as long as it was not a cig!!!!

So am taking him at his word. However, I have taken up running again and earlier tonight was running on air literally, did about 2 miles with ease and amazed myself. Had a bad craving early on, but better tonight. Feel sorry for my wife- she has borne the brunt of my mood swings. Still feel bereaved and empty- but more and more accepting and positve. This time have the will power and guts- never had that before. Hope I can get through- but for tonight- just happy to get by tonight.

Strength to all




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