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Day 8 - Getting Easier

Now into my second week and I feel really good now. Have to say it is really really worth it.

So many positives

- waking up refreshed .... not groggy at all

- no tightness in my chest anymore

- circulatory pains in arm gone completely

- Ran yesterday. Normally takes me 2 days to recover. Might go for another run today

- Food tastes so much better

- The smell of coffee is overpowering ... its really nice

- Can lift 2 yr old daughter up and carry her for ages without getting tired or sore

- Basically feel about 10 years younger

- Have saved about £30 so far. Will probably buy a bike in the next few weeks so can take daughter cycling at the weekends

- Face looks better

- Not always looking for cigs / matches / lighter / money when I leave the house

- Don't have to constantly leave work for a fag


- None

Withdrawal Pangs

- Still thinking about cigs but the cravings are getting less intense and less often

- As long as I am busy it is easy. At work its really easy.

- After dinner at night its a bit more difficult so I normally stock up on water and fruit. Also tend to go to bed earlier which can really help

Good luck everyone. Remember, it does get easier and is worth it. I've was smoking for over 20 years and this time I really feel that I can close that chapter of my life and enjoy a healthy stress free life from now on.

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Good on ya

Great to here that CarbonNeutral. Think every1 reading that will be able to see loads if not all of same benefits. How we ever let those little whicte sticks control our lives so much is unbeleivable....particularly now that we have managed to give them up and actually find that we dont need them as much as we thought.

Really chuffed that you have got to this stage and like me you seem so positive.....I think thats the best way to fight the fags and love seeing others getting rid of them too!

Keep going mate, hey Volcano will be well chuffed that you thinking about getting the bike! I prefer car myself although wife currently trying to get me out for run.....sorry will be wearing trainers and ron hills in next few days.

Well Done again.......cravings get easier every day till you realise they dont actually exist anywmore!:)


You're right Geordie, I am impressed!

Everyone seems to get their pangs at different times, as long as you know when these times are then you can make sure you do something to distract yourself.

Now it's getting lighter you'll soon be able to go for a bike ride every evening! :D

Only joking, one step at a time eh?!



Hi Carbon

It's really encouraging to hear what you had to say, although I have to say my cravings are already much better today then yesterday!

And I am starting to feel the benefits you listed too. I had one of the best nights sleep every last night and woke up feeling äwake and not like a zombie like I normal do.

Everytime I do get to thinking about a cig, I just have to laugh at myself for even thinking about giving in, as despite all my previous fears, it's 4 days without a cig and nothing terrible has happened yet:rolleyes:

When I think back to all my past failed attempts to stop, I realise that this time feels so much different and that is why I am sure I am going to succeed. I guess like all addictions, you ain't gonna stop till you WANT to, or at least in my case. All the scary adverts, horrible stories, waste of money in the world was not enough for me until the day finally came when I woke up to myself and the reality of what I was doing kicked in.

Here is to all of us giving it our very best to beat this thing!


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