No Smoking Day

A better day but odd pains?

Well here I am on day 4. After a rocky afternoon yesterday, I was feeling much better by the evening. It's funny because the time when I used to smoke the most (in the evenings) is the time I find I have the least cravings now. Maybe because once I am at home and my son is sleeping, I know I could not just pop out to buy some cigs, so I guess I just switch of from it. I slept great last night and apart from a few mysterious aches in my back (kidneys?) I woke up feeling great this morning and more positive then ever:p

Has anyone else experienced odd pains whilst stopping or whilst using the patch?


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Growing Up Pains

Read that you should consider the first few weeks of giving up smoking the same as recovering from an operation. You need to remember that your circulation is improving ('coz there is no CO in your blood) and your nerve endings are growing again having been fried for the last few years. Your bound to feel more and maybe it feels like tingling or pain

I tried patches a few years ago and did get itchy and a burning sensation from them. Apart from that no ill effects

Sounds like you are doing really good - day 4 already. I found day 1 and 2 the worst so I reckon you're over the worst of it now.


Day 4 eh

Great to hear you doing so well. Yep I've experienced problems with patches causing me to have vivid dreams and since starting them I havnt had a decent nights sleep yet! I also found that my arms have been aching last couple of days (now moved patches to legs) and stopped lifting wardrobes so should do the trick lol. But on the upside I have fresher breath, my teeth and gums are painless (used to get slight discomfort in gums), have more energy, my clothes dont smell and like you a I feel much better.

You cant beat this no smoking! Keep going.......any cravings I ever had have now dissapeared and with each day you get more and more stronger and fitter to fight any cravings that may be lurking. Well done all!


it does get better

im on day nine now it does get better as time goes on keep up the good work


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