No Smoking Day

Day 14

Well here we are in Week 3 Day 14. Feels like another horizon lol. Strange but actually the previous 2 weeks have not been dreadfully hard...or should I say they've been easier than I thought they would.

Really looking forward to having ny local nurse check my monoxide levels this week.....not seen her since she gave me patches and I think at the time she didnt think 100% that I would be able to do it.....but hey with the help of this site Im actually getting there.

Keep you posted.....oh and hi Ron, hope you put a post in as your day to.....hey feels like another new beginning and another chapter of non smoking.:D

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Day 14 (End of)

Hi again all.....well thats day 14 over with and now heading into Day 15. Was suprisingly easy last night and although I did think about the fags it was a change not to "crave them". I actually thought that I couldnt be bothered with the fags! What a change from a couple of days ago when it was hard to persuade myself not to buy some. I hope I have turned a bit of a corner now and that I can keep hold of the thoughts that really, lighting a cigarette is pointless and just too much hassle in general.

Anyway when I returned to yard one of the smokers was playing with a stress ball (NHS little Rugby ball type thingy) and I said wow u giving up the fags. He then smirked and said yes........but got a bit of a surprise when I said "yes me too, two weeks ago"....felt great to say that!

Well off into Day 15 now.....keep it up guys and gals and if you reading this with a view to starting to quit then go ahead and do it....IT FEELS GREAT!


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