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No Smoking Day
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Day 12

Hi realise its late in day but this is my Day 12 (oh and Rons). Day 11 past without problems but had to change patch on time as I was starting to get a bit of a long craving. Been a good working week so-far without the fags but suppose I'm at a bit of an advantage as when Im in the truck I only have myself to argue with and no outside influences.

Anyway onwards and upwards to day 13......not looking forward to weekend as I have to find other ways to keep myself busy.....but last weekend was'nt to much of a problem (daren't try a pub at this stage).

Keep going every1......together we can crack this.

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Just saying hi to everyone who has been around on here these last few days- I had a relapse today and had one- felt real bad about it as I actually did enjoy it- but got over it now and am positive it has to be my last one ever- no going back now or it'll hook me again- Going for a run tomorrow, first time for 20 yrs could actually face it. So good to feel and smell clean, and no bags inder the eyes.

Could not have done it alone- this is keeping me going- nobody esle understands.

Have a smokefree weekend-



Hi Ron

You are obviously trying really hard which is the main thing- you seem really determinded and it comes through in your posts-

Did I read right that you work in an office? If yes I take my hat off to you as I never managed more then a couple of days giving up when I worked in one! I know how hard it is, repititive tasks (if your job is anything like mine was) dont always serve as a distraction. -Though a word of caution; beware substituting ciggys with chewing the end off of every pen in sight- resulted in an inky face on one occasion! Hehe, very attractive.

Good luck


Day 12 (End of)

Well another day without the nicotine monster trying to get his share of the dreaded weed. Longest drive of week (6 hours) which I thought would be good to reinforce last fridays long drive without a fag ......just to make sure it wasnt a fluke.

This morning on way back from work was the worst actually......I wanted a fag just to end a satisfying day! Resisted temptation though. 1 reason is below:

I realise this may be awfull but when I've visited people in hospital I've actually seen a few patients stood outside in their pyjamas, even with oxygen bottle alongside them and tubes near their faces. And even though the weather has been bad, they've had to endure it just to have a smoke. That terrifies me personnally and although I assume that it is the only satisfaction or comfort for some unfortunate people, I cant help but think that if I dont quit now I could be doing exactly the same in a few years.

Anyway onto next day......keep going every1.....we can beat this.


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