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No Smoking Day
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My Reason..... Australia!!!

I have tried many times to give up but in the past I always gave in (usually after a few drinks and a curry!!) but this time I have a really big reason.... I am moving to Australia and I am saving the money to put towards my visa costs.

Everytime I feel like I need a ciggy - I think of Oz and all the wonderful things I am going to experience....

My Husband and I have both given up and we worked out that between the two of us we were spending £270 per month on cigarettes... it's funny because you dont actually realise it!

I am in my third week of being a non-smoker and I am absolutely determined.... :)

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Wow! 6 months off the fags and you'll be able to afford 2 return flights to Oz!



Good on the two of you......people have so many reasons to give up and if that gives you the determination to succeed then keep it going. Cant wait till I've got to 3 week stage......jealous. Well Done!


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