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Day 11

Well thats Day 11 started......still didnt sleep well today (night worker so days back to front for me), woke up after 2 hours then every hour after, but feel like I have so much energy, cant belive the fags made me so lethargice or maybe it's just the patches......but whatever it is it's causing me to have some wicked dreams. Well long drive tonight for me but suppose it actually helps because my cab remains clean, ash and smoke free.......result so far.

Keep it up all.

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Wow well done! I've had a read through your posts now and think its a top idea to 'check in' daily with your progress so think I might try the same thing.

I remember those mad dreams on the patches and had difficulty sleeping - hope you're managing to cope with it ok.

I think its so true about fags causing lethargy, they definitely make me lazy - its like 'oh there's no point in doing exercise if I smoke'. I had to run for an appointment the other day and it nearly killed me... Roll on Monday....

Anyway keep at it - brilliant.



Hi there...thanx for support. Be putting proper write up in later when I get up. Last night at work for me tonight and facing another weekend without fags.....but hey my family are over the moon and its great to be able to wake up (lol thats nearly every hour at moment) and know that my mouth wont be dry.....eyes tired and smelling of that horrible smoke.

This site has been great help as its good to discover that others are in exactly the same boat and is also a great distraction from picking up a cancer stick!

Best advice i can give to anyone is to give up for YOURSELF and no one else. If we cant respect ourselves and realise the importance of our own lives then arn't we just paying lip service to that of our families?

We can all give up smoking....and you know what....however bad the cravings (and they do subside).....WE WILL! Good luck x


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