No Smoking Day

Day 1

Hi all

Well just registered and this is my 1st message so please go easy eh!

Gave up last night at midnight. Using patches and gum this time. Previous attempt lasted 12 months after hypnosis. Doing the NHS thing now as it seems everyone in the world has now gone against us smokers! Anyway nearly 8 hrs without the dreaded weed and so far nicotine monster kept at bay. Good luck all!


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Well done!

Remember you'll need willpower too, so think about taking up another activity to keep your mind busy or perhaps this is the start of the new 'healthy-you' you've always promised yourself?

All the best!


Day 1

Well thats day 1 over.

Was surprisingly easy considering I had several chances to stray back onto the dreaded weed, but the patches seemed to do their job.....didnt need gum at all. Only problem was sleeping as my mind appeared to be in overdrive and within 3 hrs in bed I woke up at 0230 then every hour after and had some very strange dreams!.......good job im not at work 2day. But it was well worth is warmer cause I dont have to keep door open whilst having a ciggy, my eyes.......considering I havnt slept well, appear to be see thru (usually have a film over them which takes a while to dissapear before their on top form), my mouth feels dryness or thick orange residue on tongue and in addition I actually saved myself over £7.00! Well now into Day 2 so will start another thread......good luck all!:)


Day 2 and a bit

Had my last cig Sat night- its now Tues afternoon. Smoked over 20 a day for last 40 yrs and told to pack in by doc for health reasons, but want to do it for myself.

Feeling proud of myself, but even though I am on patches and an inhalator, the cravings and withdrawals are like a black depression. If it were not for my wife, I would probably give in and buy some. Help needed from all you strong people who have made it through.


Keep Going

Hey Ron

Isnt it strange......after all those years on fags you have spent 2 and a half days off them and your actually still breathing.....getting a sense of taste and smell and actually saving money, plus I would think like me you feel proud!

Bet your family will really appreciate not having you smoking all in all theres no downside.

I like to think that actually all these years the Government has maintained how hard it is to give up so that we dont, and really it is'nt hard at all....we just been brainwashed into it!......All that money they're losing eh! The patches have been great for me.......keep it up Ron.

PS Cant wait till tommorrow then it will be 2 1/2 days for me too!


Cheers for that- at least somebody out there- going to pub tonight- thats going to be hard, but determined to keep at it. Withdrawal has passed over, wonder when the next one will be- they seem to come about every 3 hours.



Hi Ron.....was in pub last night.........actually wasn't that hard....felt sorry for the smokers though....and when I left I actually realised how bad i had been smelling all these years!


See how we go eh? I'll post a progress report.


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