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The gym

I joined a gym and couldn't do hardly anything and my instructor said when I stopped i'd feel so much fitter straight away. I didn't really feel it the first time I was there but I tell you it's got soooo much better. I can actually go on the treadmill, jogging, for more than 10 minutes! I couldn't even run for a bus before. It's so motivating knowing that the more time you#'ve been off the cigs the more fit you are - I'll be running marathons in no time!!! :)

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REALLY - the gym!!

It's the best thing I ever did - quitting cigs and joining the gym. I think the marathoins are still are a long way off but I am soo much fitter than I was and toned. It's great - and just in time for the summer sun! Fantastic.


Thats great!! After I finish this nerve wracking urge wrestling first day of quitting to smoke Im going to enroll in a gym.


its the best thing I ever did. My other half is very health consious and has always gone to the gym where as me, I preferred a drink and a smoke. She sheconvinced me to sign up and Ive never look back since

Where as now, I go to the gym 3 times a week and love it. My gym has lots of free classes included in the membership so I also do yoga class, and I sometimes jump on the sunbeds, why not? there free.

Typical workout is 40-60 mins on the cross trainer 30 -mins on the tradmill and then just a few upper body and lower body weights to keep me toned. and then into the sauna or steam room to rid all of those toxins out of me.

Now to me, thats sounds so much better than standing outside, freezing me ****** off having a cig, anyone agree:)


I agree :D

Was out of character for me too,

Now I live for it :p lollol

I am off it for the 6 week hols

as kids are home.

your workout is the same as mine,

I do 1 class which is a funky dance thing lol that's funny,

then gym and steam room but!!

Sunbeds??!!! :eek: we don't got those :(


im too lazy like always >< but im trying to do the same. Hope i can stick to it :(


Still tap tap tapping away at the gym, even doing some resistance work now.:p:p


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