No Smoking Day

Day 15

Hello everyone. Well I've reached Day 15 but I have to admit to having just one when I was watching the penalties last Saturday. I coudn't bear it. But I haven't touched one since - I didn't even enjoy it. It tooik my mind of the footie though. I do feel much better in myself aswell. Fitter and healthier and weirdly my skin looks better. Food tastes good too. I didn't realise that I coudln't taste food well but now I know that I must have been dampening the senses or somethint - whatever - it all tatses good now. So it's a good job I'm keeping up going to the gym! Keep the extra pounds off. It's all good - I can't wait for the pubs to be non-smoking though - the pub can be a bit of a nightmare sometimes.

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Doing great


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