No Smoking Day
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day 7 today

sorry i havnt been on but had a busy weekend and then yesterday my pooter was playing up so i emptied it:p and then spent all evening putting my favourites back in..........but im still here,cant believe its a week today i finished my last last nic stick- its had its ups and downs but ive been completely nic free for 7 days today:D :D :D

how is everyone else doing ? x x x izzy

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well done

Hi Izzy

Well done so far. I am on day 5 and am still quite positive. To be honest I'm a bit scared because the last few days have been easier than I thought and I don't want to get too complacent. I'm finding after meals the worst time for cravings and have yet to do a night out so I'll see how I get on with that.

Health-wise I'm feeling excellent, just trying to keep off the chocolate!


hello enmac:p just keep on remembering you can do this.when you get a craving just tell nic to rack off(thats what i do) dont worry bout feeling its to easy as i think its as easy as we make going it ct this time,have just come back in from town and wow do them smokers pong lol:D

well done on reaching day 5 keep positive and it will soon be week 5 x x x izzy


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