No Smoking Day

Cant believe the change in just a couple of days

Well I smoked my last on Sat AM (7:50) and have been on using the inhalator since.

Last night I went to my regular Taekwondo session which our instructor had promised, on Thursday, would be a tough fitness based session. Well I could not believe the benefit that just 2 days without cigs had, my endurance and stamina levels were incredible compared to "normal" and surprised not only me but the guys I train with. It must have been to do with more oxygen in the blood (or less carbon monoxide) but I found it took longer to get muscle fatigue and I didn't get a stitch which I would normally do!

This is the most clear practical demonstration of the harm cigs have been doing to me, and quite an incentive to keep off them. I suspect that this will be the most noticeable single improvement to my fitness as a result of quitting the old cancer sticks but I'll keep it up and see.



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you're so right!

Hi Nic

I totally agree with what you're saying. I haven't done any exercise in years and am now at day 5 and feel fantastic. I don't get out of breath as easily and sleep much better. I didn't expect to see any instant health benefits but have been really surprised. I'm glad, if I hadn't seen for myself how quickly the body recovers I probably wouldn't have stayed so positive and might have slipped back into it.

Keep up the good work



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