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I am in day 2 can I get thro this?

I was feeling really good about going all day yesterday without a fag,got up this morn and everybody is crabbit or is that me? I am not going to give in and have a fag but i have been tempted. Sweets are not doing anything for me and i have tried cleaning everything but feel I should be rewarded with a fag for doing all that I wont but I would love to, What can I do that does not involve thinking about fags?:confused:

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hi karen i have just bought them new airwave active chewies with guarana in.mmmm they are lovely and as i dont usually like active as i find them too off to buy some more.try them they are so yummy x x x:D


Here I am, Day 2. Went to the pharmacy to get patches on prescription. Had to blow in to a Carbon Monoxide detector which came up a big fat zero. That made me feel better.

Today I've been really light headed, a bit head-achey, very very grumpy and a bit sad. I've also eaten the biggest bar of chocolate and pretty much anything I can snack on. Like everyone else I'm a bit worried about piling on the weight now I've given up. Will have to find something low-cal to nibble on.

Went to the pub after work last night. I thought it might be a bit stupid facing that environment only at Day 1. Sat in the no-smoking section. I cut up some straws to the size of cigarettes and believe me it really helped puffing on them. Might look a bit stupid but it made me feel better.

Everywhere I look seems to be smokers, didn't notice all these people before but now they seem to be round every corner!

Anyway, onwards and upwards.:o


Keep Strong

Keep strong Emmac - If your worried about weight try chewing gum or mints. Apparently sipping water through a bottle with a spout on it helps - and having just tried it, it was oddly satisfying :) .

Of course, nibbling isn't necessarily a problem if you can increase your activity levels and burn off the extra calories - perhaps going for a jog or visiting the gym is something you can introduce into your new healthier and smoke free life style? Don't forget, giving up smoking lowers your rate of metabolism so you may have to increase your level of activity anyway.

Don't let those voices tell you that smoking will stop you putting on weight - you can bring your weight under control later, after the cravings have lost their grip on your mind.


Thanks Bulldog. I actually bought a couple of keep fit dvd's a few weeks ago which needless to say have sat in the cupboard so far. Time to try them out I think. Will try the water thing. Cups of tea too maybe. My head feels really funny, a bit that normal?

Hope you're doing ok!



Yeah, the dizzy spells are normal - certainly a symptom I have experienced each time I have given up - to varying degrees. This time I am getting occassional sharp pains in my right wrist and in my left leg. I am also finding it hard to concentrate and my eyes are loosing focus. I usually get headaches to but none yet (so far).

Just shows you how much you body depends on nicotine - Crazy! Each one of these symptoms is just a sign of your detoxification - and you don't need nicotine to function - your body is designed to run without it so don't let those voices cloud your judgement. Your really doing well so keep saying ... NO!



Hi Bulldog

Yesterday I experienced plenty of dizzy spells and a total lack of concentration. It's quite funny to realise how much your body depends on something and is completely lost when you take it away!

Day 3 for me today, still hanging in there. I have moments where I remember I have given up which is weird. The time periods where I think about cigarettes and cravings are getting a bit longer in between which is a good sign. Still feel somewhat at the bottom of a huge mountain...

How's it going for you?


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