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Going For It ... Again

For the third time in 12 months, I smoked my last fag last night.

It’s been 13 hours and I’ve got a hangover so it’s been easy so far. I've been smoking 20-25 fags (rollies, cigars, tailor made’s) a day since I was 15 and have tried to give up many times. I am now 37 and was diagnosed with high blood pressure in Feb 05. I gave up smoking in Jul 05 but after faltering a few times, started proper smoking again about 4 weeks ago. I need to stop because of my own health, because I love my kids and wife and because it’s too expensive.

I tried NRT (gum) a few years ago - although it helped me deal with the cravings, all the addiction to nicotine was still there 3 months later and it just prolonged all the unpleasant side effects of giving up. It didn't work for me and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

My favoured method is therefore 'Cold Turkey' - I have used this method many times and normally give up for about 3 to 4 months before I crumble again (normally due to drinking or pressures at work).

All 'Cold Turkey' requires is strong will power. You need to be stubborn and pig headed. Think about your motivations to give up, get them in your head and use them as your weapons. When that little voice in your mind tells you that you need a fag, have the strength to say 'No'. Keep your mind busy and do something else, have a mint or chew some gum. Initially it’s alarming how often you think about having a fag – for days and days it’s all that occupies your mind. It’s depressing, tiring and it’s just so easy to put a fag in your gob and light it ... but it’s not like that forever. It does get easier and it’s only a question of time. Warn your family that your giving up and that your temper may be short - when I feel pissed off I just hide in the bedroom and play computer games. 1 to 2 weeks later the kids will have their loving, caring and healthier parent back.

I have allowed myself to be a victim of nicotine for 22 years. Nicotine is a drug and I am an addict – I’m a ‘nicotine junkie’. I will not allow a chemical substance control my mind and rob me of my life, money and my body? I will come through the next 2 weeks a stronger person and I will not give in to nicotine.

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amazing !!

Well i'm glad you said that, there goes all my doubts, and you have just made me see the light. Keep at it !!!


well said bulldog x x x;)


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