No Smoking Day


I slipped up the other day and had half a fag. Stupid really probably just testing myself. Just has half then realised what I was doing. But it's been ok since then - 9 weeks in now. I do feel great. can't understand why i even bothered with the fag the other day, seems crazy but nevermind. I still seem to be ok. Hope all is well with everyone else. it's good to know that we're all in it together!

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Don't owrry Jim!

Don't owrry Jim, as you say you're back on ok now and it's put you off for good! Don't beat yourself up - we all slip up sometimes. You're still off now - havent' been tempted again? It's such a huge thing to do we're bound to fall off sometimes., but just keep thinking about the good things :)


Hi Jim, Lou's right. You're obviously ok. I slipped up last tie I quit and ended up back on them again but you've come through ti so I wouldn't worry too much. How long is it you've quit now? 3 months? Wow! I'm 2 months and nearly two weeks in and feeling great!! No more nasal spray and more no more calling helplines feel like I'm there!


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