No Smoking Day
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14 weeks

Hi guys, just stumbled across this site when saw something about national no smoking day and thought I'd add my story. I only started smoking in my twenties when I started a really stressy job and liked the 5 minutes it gave me away from my desk! Crazy but true. That was a couple fo years ago. Then someone at work asked me if I'd enter a 10k run with her - I thought it'd be easy but I couldn't even run for 5 minutes!! She was hoping to lose weight so I thought I'd use it as an opportunity to quit smoking - we cheered each other on - she wasn't allowed crisps and chocolate breaks and I couldn't have my fag breaks anymore. The longer I'd stopped for the easier the running seemed to get and I even started enjoying it! I managed to get right round the course a few weeks back and have now joined a gym and started other sports too. It's totally turned my life around - I think I'm fitter than even before I started smoking!

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Good stuff - I've been able to play football again since I stopped :)


I'm hoping to get fitter too, I don't run but am walking a lot more so if I can keep that up I might lose some of the weight I've mysteriously put on since I stopped smoking (OK, yes I have been eating biscuits, chocolate, cake, etc etc - it was Christmas, wasn't it?)


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