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Update December 21, 2021

Today, oncologist in Las Cruces , Memorial Cancer Center said the chemo therapy I received at Gerald Champion Cancer in Alamogordo was not necessary.

The Memorial Cancer Center oncologist said chemo therapy was not necessary. There was no cancer in the organs or bone marrow. Yes, the cancer is appearing as a skin rash. I will have this life long. I will monitor for any future outbreak other than the skin. Occasionally I will have bloodwork to check for cancer cell activity. The rash is controlled with medicated skin cream.

About five years ago the dermatologist said the rash was Grover’s disease. No biopsy.

Three years I fought the rash, My wife and I decided we needed another dermatologist.

The new dermatologist took one look and said not Grover’s. Then the biopsy confirmed peripheral t-cell lymphoma.

Gerald Champion Cancer Center, Alamogordo would not tell me following CHOP chemo what the results were.

I went to Epiphany Dermatologist in Las Cruces, NM and after biopsy was told I still had PTCL.

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