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GDP - Change of Chemo - Advice

Diffuse Large B Cell - Abdomen

Was booked in for 6no R Chop, had a mid term scan, saw specialist, who has said i will now after 4 no R Chop, have 2no GDP, same 21 day cycle, then have another scan, then a bone marrow transplant, then 3 week intense Chemo blast (3week Hospital Stay)

On a positive note I have had very little side of the R Chop, other than the usual. I am in my early 60's and fit, good health other than the Lymphoma!

Anyone else been had a similar experience? Having first of the GDP, early next week.



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Blueb- it’s time to strap in and hold onto something.

Most recent studies say that the first sets of r chop treatments should be as aggressive as you can make them to push the lymphoma back.

So ask why it’s gone to 4 cycles instead of 6.

Once you have done the r chop cycles ask for a pet scan of the abdomen sand see if the lymphoma has gone!

Ask your specialist that you are worried about sanctuary sites and consider cycle 5 and 6!

By cycle 6 you should be as damn it in remission.

By this stage you should get feeling a whisker rough!

The two cycles of gencytabine, dexa an cisplatin are going to knock you especially the cysplatin.

Then comes the transplant!

You will be at this stage feeling like you are up the creek without a paddle.

Do not dispair, it’s perfectly normal.

The worst is over and your body is in heal mode.

You must and I do mean must drink loads of water and eat as much as you can. Even if your body and mind are saying I can’t! The body needs water and calories.

In fact I would start increasing my calorie intake now just to store up some fat.

Good luck and I hope it goes well for you!


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