First time on HU,my name is mark, I was diagnosed with Waldenstrom macro globulenemia, NHL, in 09. My cancer has been linked to Agent Orange, which unknown to me I had come in contact with while serving in Korea. I have received chemo 3 times since. I've read that the mortality rate for NHL could be 6-10 years. Any comments concerning this would be appreciated! Thanks everyone and God Bless!

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  • Hi Mark, welcome to our NHL community! We're happy to have you

  • Hi Mark and welcome - I'm sorry I don't have any info that may help good luck and best wishes 😀

  • Hi Mark, welcome to NHL friends. I wouldn't focus on mortality rates as they depend on so many variables and we are all individuals. I try to focus on keeping myself healthy and let the doctors do the analysing. We are sharing a lot of information here about staying healthy and none of it is extreme or hard to do. It was bad luck that your illness was caused by that chemical. I hope someone will chime in with experience of Waldenstroms as we all have different forms of Lymphoma. Mine is follicular B cell. Keep coming back as we are all supporting one another.

  • Mark, please don't get too wrapped up in the mortality rate stats of NHL. Everyone is different. Back in 2008, I was given 5 years. It is now 2017, I have two types of NHL and I have experienced one or the other type of NHL in 2008, 2012 and 2016. I can assure you that I am not about to die any time soon.

    I guess if you choose to believe that you are going to die in 6 to 10 years you will. I chose to ignore those stats and, with an extremely positive attitude, I am living a somewhat active life both physically and mentally.

  • Hi Mark, My NHL could've been linked to Hep C that I got from multiple blood transfusions in the mid-79's, or it could've been from the SV40 virus in all polio vaccines given in the late 50's-60's. (Read Dr. Mary's Monkey) If you've read previous postings you will see that I strongly recommend books by Dr. Ken W. Crawford. Nu-Oncology: Cancer Prevention & Anti-Aging is his latest book. His food & drink suggestions have helped me greatly. So much so, that he asked me to write the Foreword in his book! Best of luck to you. Susan

  • welcome mark

  • For some patients, remission lasts many years. I had a neighbour who was doing fine after chemo in the 70s. The fact is that many NHL sufferers will likely die of other causes.

  • Hello agentorange 70

    I was diagnosed when I was 45 and will be 69 this year's. They told me 5 to 10 at first but people are living longer since they have better meds to treat.


  • Sorry I just I forgot to address by Mark.

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