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What a shock

I just finished my first 8 weeks of chemo and now wait 3 weeks to have bone marrow biopsy to find out if it worked and exactly what kind of NHL it is. Am beginning to hate these watch and wait periods. I just want to get it over with!! I have been eating very healthy foods in the hopes it will also help my neuropathy but no luck with that either. All of this started with being diagnosed with lupus about 12 years ago. What a trip this had been!

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Jimmy82 I just had my second treatment today so you are about two months or so ahead of me. I have myasthenia gravis as well. Like your lupus it is an autoimmune condition. My docs told me these B cell lymphomas are sort of our body's way of expressing frustration and becoming damaged by the constant barrage of immune activation messages my mg and your lupus send in on a daily basis. Inflammation is one of the powerful damaging agents that is part of this whole frustrating piece of microbiology so don't give up too soon. A couple of months of eating healthy is an excellent start! I personally am trying to increase all the natural sources if anyo inflammatory foods I can. My opinion and I wish you the best!




I find it odd that you would receive chemo without the oncologist knowing what type of NHL you have. Kind of like putting the cart before the horse, if you will.

What type of chemo cocktail did you receive? If the cocktail contained Vincristine, that could be the reason for your neuropathy.

I wish you well as you travel this road so many of us are on.


Is anyone as tired as I am? Going to bed at 7;30 is no fun. I feel like the sandman took up space in my body


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