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Is the Chemo working?

I have Marginal Zone NHL and have been getting R-CVP for the last 2 months. 4 treatments down, 4 to go to, and so far I'm managing ok with it.

I'm due a CT scan to see how it's going but I'm concerned that my Lymphoma symptoms seem to have returned a bit. I had lumps in my thighs, lower back and on my torso - under the skin - which were throbbing and painful. After the first treatment I saw an immediate improvement but over the last 2 weeks have noticed a recurrence in my thighs. I've told my consultant who doesn't seem overly concerned- I'm only half way through the treatment after all.

Had anyone else had similar worries?

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Both of my wife's oncologists told her that 80% of their patients first know when they have progressed due to symptoms, for example excessive night sweats, chills and/or fever, unexplained weight loss, persistent itching over the whole body, lack of energy/tiredness, headaches, and new swollen lymph nodes. Consider keeping a daily record of these symptoms and share them with your doctor.


That's very helpful to know and great advice. I have been very itchy too actually. Keeping a list of symptoms is a great idea. Thank you so much.


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