2017 A New Year..A New Normal

2017 A New Year..A New Normal

Good morning on this rainy Monday in Kentucky. I am just wanting to let everyone know that we are all in this together, we will march on with our ideas, our love, our awareness that we are making strides, and most of all we live in a world of excitement and new normals and new friendships. Let's make 2017 a year to remember with lot's of miracles.

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  • Lovely message, thank you - happy New Year!

  • I like your optimism! I am with you!

  • Thank you for such a nice beginning to our year.....

  • Nice positive message. Bless you 😊

  • I am new to this site .....dejected and tired after 6 years fighting NHL. Had stem cell transplant July now having another Pet ct soon to look at low level metabolic activity that was discovered in Oct (said could be low level lymphoma). Your post has made me feel not so alone in this fight.

  • So so glad to hear that. You are never alone and please keep on keeping on. Our bodies are amazing if we just input positive thoughts and ideas and music to our cells so that they may regenerate healthy. Please contact me anytime, I am here for you.

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