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Hi Everyone - I am new to this online community.

I am not a cancer patient, however I am a caregiver with substantial cancer experience. I provided primary care to both of my parents following their diagnosis and treatment for bladder cancer (both deceased). When my husband was diagnosed originally with Non-hodgkins lymphoma (Waldenstrom's macroglobulenemia) I helped him adjust to the cancer continuum and provided care while he underwent treatment. In 2013 we were surprised by a second cancer diagnosis of signet ring cell colon cancer. He underwent surgery to remove 15 cms of colon and 12 lymph nodes - there was a long recovery time following. Hoping to have that under control, we are now back to the lymphoma which is slowly coming out of remission. The waiting is difficult for everyone. The stress never goes away.

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Hi Anne! Welcome to our community and happy to have you here with all your experience and expertise :)


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