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Nodula Pruringo outbreak 19/3/2017 ended up in A&E

Hi,. I was diagnosed with NP two years ago, and after a skin biopsy I was discharged from Dermatology back to my GP with steroid tape, cream and dressings. I have had an outbreak every two months but this latest one has been the worst, I could not get to see a GP so I went to the walk in centre twice crying for help, but as my diagnosis was not on the screen they weren't very helpful hence I ended up in A&E this morning. I saw a Doc who was very understanding, I got steroid tabs 8 a day for 7 days and anti biopics as my rash around my ears, face, neck and forehead is now infected, I got blood in my urine and Doc thinks a bladder infection too. I was advised to make an emergency appt to see my GP tomoz as he will need to repeat my steroid tabes. Am I the only one with this disease who is finding it near impossible to get the help, advice and treatment when a major outbreak happens' has any one tried UV light or Chemo? Sorry for this post it is not intended to insult, annoy or anger anyone honestly I just asking for advice many thanks in advance

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Hi Caroline,

Am very sorry to hear of your problem, but you are the first person a have spoken to who has NP, I have it on my back and shoulder, and like you have had biopsy Tried various different steroid creams lotions tape, , even was sent from one dermatologist to another as they had no idea of what to do next.... At moment I have got a bottle of DERMACOOL Plus, which contains 2.0% of menthol. when applied it goes very cold, which stops the itch for a while... then put more on, , I am finding it very good at the moment, but who knows. it probably will come back again.

I have not had chemo or light therapy, but I find going on a sunbed , makes the nodules flatter and not so raised...

Hope that you are not suffering too much at the moment.

Kind regards . Anne.


I am losing my face. My family and detmatologists believe that i a scratching it off. Truth is, we all know that there are irritants causing our bodies to react and break down our skin. Doing A LOT of reading, I came across 3 possible enzymes that could b being realesed n result to the DEEP milia and tiny squiggly (nearly invisible hair) that r n our nodules. This enzyme that is n the water breaks the the skin tissue, while leaving the non-soluble mili left behind for us to try to remove on our own to calm this autoimmune histamine reaction. Stop the water=stop the irritation. Our over active immune ststems need calmed WAAY down. It is easier for non-effected doctors to say that it is common knowledge that we r picking holes n our skin. 😡Hypersensitive Nerves

Excessive milia production

Thickened skin




Compromised skin

Like shards of glass, dipped n battery acid...

But we r supposed to leave them n there, even though they open on their own eventually anyway...

Sorry for the rant 😉

Appt yesterday. LOL


I am 62 and have suffered from this for a long time on my hands, forearms, and scalp.

The best thing that happened was when my dermatologist prescribed for me Aciclovir to treat a fever blister on my lip (herpes simplex 1) and given some time (I can't remember how long but it couldn't have been too long) my N.P. incidents decreased dramatically.

My subsequent research online turned up the same discovery by a number of sufferers so my dermatologist continued to prescribe it. I was about 80% free.

Eventually, I was changed to Valcyclovir with even more dramatic results. I became 80% - 95% free of the lesions. Currently, I only have one on my hand.

No one seems to know why this works, but I can tell you that for me it most certainly does.

I hope this info helps. Might be worth a shot. Good luck.