Can I get help with funeral costs?

I had my transplant in june of this year, I had a few problems and I was in hospital for around 7 weeks, I was let home then re-admited following a blockage for which I have to go back in to have another op, I am unable to walk properly because of previous problems, I cant wash, dress or cook myself a meal and I had an eye removed also this year and am registered severely short sighted in the other. I took out a funeral bond with the co-op and am paying around £95 a month but it looks like I will lose my Disability benefit as it ends in January 2013 and they say I have to have an Atos medical examination on the 6 December (and we all know the outcome of those)! So I will have to cancel my funeral bond as I will only get £220 a fortnight and my rent is £200 a fortnight as I pay towards the internet, tv, phone and my landlord took out a contract phone for me when I was on the transplant list so they could always get hold of me and I pay him for that too (he's my stepdad by the way). Does anyone know if it is possible to get any help with funeral costs at all so my daughter and family are not left with a high funeral bill should I pass away? If not does anyone reckon it may be cheaper to try and get life insurance? I hope someone can help, Thank you.

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  • Hi 2012Kowboy,

    My name's Buddy, sounds to me like you should get in touch with a post transplant Co-ordinator do they have them were you had your transplant? I think most do (although i'm no expert on these matters) or say the social worker, at the very least talk to your GP or doctor/consultant at the hospital about your finances, or say the your local Citizens Advice Bureau mine were very helpful in finding what I can claim for, You can't live on ten pounds a week!

    Not sure your can get help with the funeral costs. Besides your well-being at the moment is the most important thing to sort out at the present time, don't you think?

    It's not really up to me to say how you spend your money but I would get stop the contact phone and get a pay as you go phone instead (if you don't use them much they a lot cheaper to run), you don't say who takes care of you for your every day needs, can they help you seek the help you need?

    Please try and get some assistance with this, i'm so sorry i can't help you more but do let me know how it turns out. Maybe someone else will answer your questions better than me, but lets hope so eh.

    All the best.

  • Hi, Buddy, thank you for your answer, i think you are right about the pbone, i never thought of the citizens advice it will absolutely be worth contacting them. You have definately given me something to think about and a few ideas on where to go for advice, thank you for your help. All the best, Gary

  • ATOS examinations are nothing to worry about if you have genuine disabilties. Please don't believe all the negative hype around. Good luck!

  • Hi, Mungo, thank you, I had the examination and even the examining doctor said he thinks I am entiteled to get DLA, thank youy for your encouragement, Gary

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