A big thanks!!

Had my biopsy yesterday on my transplant, it only took him 15 mins to get the 3 samples he needed. The worst thing was having to lay on my back for 6 hours..... The hospital gave me a GRATED cheese sandwich for lunch..... Have you ever tried eating a grated cheese sarnie while laid flat on your back? It was hilarious, I ended u with cheese everywhere..... Thank goodness I never ordered the goulash.

I just wanted to say Thankyou to those of you who put my mind at ease over the weekend, hope the results are positive.



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  • Ahh thats funny, can imagine the cheese all in the bed, you messy thing you, hope the results are all good, let us know how you get on, take care xx

  • Good luck!

  • Glad everything worked out well for you. Best wishes for your future

  • So glad you had something to smile about, there is always humour in a situation if we look close enough. Hope all goes well.

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