Two more questions - nearly there!

NKF for Transplants is making real progress. In fact, we need just two more people to ask questions and we'll be ready to go live!

Let's make that one last push to make this a real community, recognised as live and linked from the rest of HealthUnlocked as well as from the NKF website.

So, come on, if there's anything you'd like to ask, ask and help your community to enter the next phase of existence. The more interesting the questions, the more life they'll attract.

This is a really tremendous achievement and I look forward to the next couple of days with real anticipation. We're nearly there!

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  • Hi The Mod

    Is there a help section on how to use this please and how can I see all my communities at once without logging in and out all the time?

  • I don't know of a help section. Was there anything particular you wanted to know? As NKFCEO writes below, once logged on you can access all communities you are a member of from the drop-down tab at the top.

  • I am not the mod, no doubt he will be able to answer your question about a help section, but what I can tell you, is that if you have just the one registration and yet are following three communities, once you have logged on at one community and ticked the box "remain logged in " you can visit other communities without having to log in again. You do this by pulling down the "my Communities" tab in the green bar at the top. Be careful though as it is very easy to bring down other communities instead if you are not accurate with your mouse. There is a lot of helpful information on the guidance page. :-)

  • I look forward to the NKF conference each year but do not understand why anyone should call it a 'roadshow' with a picture of a huge coach, when, actually, it is nothing like a roadshow and IS a conference. I believe in calling a conference a conference, as I do a spade!

  • The NKF conference has a history of being held at different geographical location so that different groups of patients could come with smaller journeys- hence it's name became Roadshow. These days the number of locations large enough ( and with the right facilities) to stage the Roadshow has reduced, and this factor is causing the NKF Conference committee to re-consider the whole event. They would like to hear your views, in paticular should it stick to one location year after year ? One very important factor is trying to keep the cost of attending as low as possible.

  • I have a question regarding transplant organ allocation...................assuming that the initial consideration is matching what other factors are involved in order of merit ?

  • I had a transplant from my sister 13 weeks ago


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