Kidney charities "stunned" to have been told this week (20 Nov '14) dialysis will no longer be a prescribed service on the English NHS

Guys if your on this community we need to make sure our voices are heard this is worrying and is only part of what the government is planning on doing to OUR nhs.

The petition went live yesterday and already has over 13 thousand signatures.

Please show your support -

There is also a film to raise awareness of the privatisatiopn of the nhs which includes stories from doctos, hospital staff, lawyers and health care managers I think if you aren't already aware then this may come as a shock.

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  • If the British Public are kept in the dark about this - the Government will get away with selling-off our NHS to the highest bidders; yet another great BRITISH institution that is under threat - again! Everyone of us with a FaceBook page needs to copy & paste this YouTube link onto our page to start a viral outcry! I for one am fed up that this country is being run by politicians who are only interested in their own personal gain (financial & political) while the majority of people work harder for less and pay more taxes while so many Global Corporations get away with paying reduced taxes by using off shore loop-holes, among other corrupt deals! It's a farce!

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