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Hi I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I work 3 days a week and my partner works full time due to this our joint income is above theach rate to qualify for any means tested benefit.

We have a house with a mortgage and we live within our means

However as I now work part time due to dialysis and kidney failure we don't have the disposal income we used to.

I have applied for pip and have been awarded the lower rate in both category's

This has been really been great it has allowed me to get a blue badge and disabled persons railcard.

The issue is my car is on its last legs I've had her for 4 years and she.was.registered in 92! She is very old. I can't afford to replace her.I drive my car to work.

I don't quality for the mobility scheme as I don't have enough pip points.

I leave in a area where nothing is in walking distance not even the train station this hasn't been as an issue as we both have cars. And I wasn't sick when we bought the house. My partner can drop me off at the station but because we have different work schedules this doesnt always work.

So has anyone got any ideas how I could get help for funding to buy a used car?

If I get a loan and am off work I don't get sick pay only SSP (£80 ish) and my pip award Which will not be enough to cover a car loan and all my outgoings.

I know I'm in a more fortunate position than most but nobody plans to get poorly.

Thank you for any tips

G x

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  • If you work 16 hours, you may qualify for working tax credit. Also, get in touch with Kidney Care UK. They have a Facebook page and people may be able to help you. Also Kidney Care UK have a fund which you may be able to apply for. They are really helpful, so worth a try x

  • Thank you x

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