Kidney Failure after infection

Hi my husband had an infection/sepsis and it brought his kidney function down to 6. He has been on dialysis for 3 months and his function is about 22 now. They have decided to stop dialysis for three weeks. We thought you had to have dialysis if your function was below 30 but our consultant says its 10 so he thinks he will come off dialysis. Would welcome your comments.

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  • From what I remember it to be it is a function of 10%...but my thing is google is ur best friend, use it and it docs, ask lots and lots of questions, no matter how u think it sounds. All will be well, we are always here to help ID we can.

  • Hi, my consultant said 10% was the figure but I didn't start dialysis until 5%. I agree with tamekaS, research and ask questions. Rob

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