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Can I just say a huge thank you to all who responded to my post prior to Rhian starting home HD. Once I started it really wasn't as scary as I thought and although we had a few teething problems it all seems to be going very well and I've been signed off on nearly everything and have been on our own now for almost 2 weeks, our home HD nurse is only coming out for the iron injection as he wants to see it done again before he signs me off. Also hoping to get a blunt in her venous soon as we are still on one sharp as it's a slippery little sucker and it's in an awkward place. I also write down the time on her notes and any problems I've had which I was praised for as not many do it but like I said the record is good for me too so I can compare if I've had to put her on weight loss etc but I would never have survived without the encouragement and guidance of you wonderful people so thank you all

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  • It's so lovely to read something so positive. Well done to both of you! 😊

  • Thank you, and yeah I thought it would be nice to have a positive post especially for those still just reading to show there are good times amongst the daily nightmare 😁

  • Glad to hear it:)

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