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Just wondering if anyone here is getting Allosure test on a regular basis?

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No never heard of that.

I got one about 2 months after my transplant. It was good so the Dr said no need to repeat it. It is a very expensive test.

I hope your insurance covered it!

Never heard of this test. What does it look for or tell the Docs?

It tests for donor DNA in the serum of recipients to determine if there is a high probability of rejection. This test supplements the clinical lab to help screen for rejection episodes. It has only recently been FDA approved for kidney transplant (it was first available for heart transplant) so many centers may not trust the data well enough to recommend it yet.

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Thanks. That's interesting.

Did they say how long they will run this test? How far post are you, if I may ask?

Once you have a baseline you can get it longitudinally, every three or six months or when suspension or something comes up. The cut off is threshold is set by the company but having a patient's own baseline is never a bad thing for any biomarker IMO. I am one year out.

You don't have to get it longitudinally because a cut off value is provided. It is so new that clinical use is still pretty "flexible".

I've never been tested for that. I will ask next time I go to the clinic about that test. Thanks for the info.

My center is waiting for more data before they use it.

I am 3 years post transplant. I was enrolled in the Allosure clinical trial and I continue to send them samples from my local lad every 3 months. So far, no negative results. This is an additional level of assurance for my sense of continued good health of my gift!

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Good for you! Have your data been at around 0.7% and less consistently? What is your average reading?

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I don’t know. The results go to my Transplant Team at UCHEALTH in Denver.

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I think that's because of the blinded nature of the clinical trial. I am sure they will alert your doctor if the numbers show follow-up is needed.