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Hello! Hope I find everyone well. I am 24 years old girl and have had a transplant two years ago. In my everyday life I don't encounter many people in their twenties with transplants (thank god!) so I was just wondering if anyone in their twenties or thirties on this forum has any advice on how to live their youth to the fullest. I live in a big European city and I love to be always out and about. In the past two years I have learned on my own a lot of my limits.. but would love to have some advice, since I often lose patience with myself!

Thank you! x

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Take good care of yourself & your new kidney everyday. I have lived with polycystic kidney disease for a very long time & have had to do what I can to keep my kidney working. Since you are in your twenties, I know you want to do everything and anything, but you must do what you can to keep your new kidney working at its best for a long time. As they say, everything in moderation. Enjoy your young life but always know you have been entrusted with someone’s kidney to keep you alive & well. Best of luck!

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Thanks for your advice!

I’m 28 and just got my new kidney on July 1st. I look forward to seeing others replies!

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First I think you seeking advice on how to create a lifestyle to the fullest while having longevity of your kidney at your age is a big step! I received my first transplant when I was 21. I didn’t understand the importance of water intake,sleep and eating healthy! I was married a year later later and didn’t listen to doctors on how to prepare my body and we started a family! Now I would not take back my children for anything I love them more than anything and they are my world. But here 10 year later I just received my second kidney Transplant going on 3 years ago. Now my husband and I two young children and a very active lifestyle and a very fun city! It is so important to take your medicine! Drink water! Eat healthy! And rest when you need to dont push your body. Stay aware of germs and people that are sick. If I can help someone learn from my mistakes I guess that’s what my jerney purpose was for! Live life and always do everything fun especially with family and friends!

Hi there, thank you so much for your advice, it really means a lot. I was terrified about writing a blog post about this topic because I thought it might sound like I'm not thankful about what happened to me, so I especially appreciated your reply. I am trying to do all the things you talk about, drinking enough, eating healthy etc. (especially not pushing myself which I find incredibly challenging).

Thanks so much for your response, I am happy you are doing well and are having a nice life! Congrats on your new kidney, I hope all the best for you!

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