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swollen hurting fingers on fiscula hand

Hi, I'm a newby and have a zillion and one questions. Thanx for being here for me!

I recently had a fistula put in and the surgeon chose an area a bit above my wrist . Unfortunately, just about immediately, I got a blood clot and had to go for a balloon treatment. However, during the procedure the vein collapsed and it took 2 1/2 hours and lots of creative thinking to pull another blood vessle from further up my arm and pull it down to my wrist area to make it work. And it did! However, my hand swells up as do my fingers and my arm and hand is extremely painful, especially if I use my hand for anything--and it;s my dominant hand. The surgeon says it's not dangerous--nothing to do so long as the fiscula is working. But I have not even started dialysis as yet!

Does (or did) anyone in the community have a swollen and painful hand and fingers after the fistula was done? And if so, is there any solution?

thankw in advance for any replies. This is an amazing site!


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The swelling and pain should get better within a few days - 1 week after the surgery. If you are still experiencing pain, you should contact the surgeon or see your nephrologist. For general information on fistulas and how to care for them visit: kidney.org/atoz/content/hem...


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