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Has any one had this test before Cystatin C /Cystain 3


Hi All

Hope we are keeping well and your kidneys disease is behaving itself as we all know we have our goods days and bad.

I had to go to Bristol today to see a different renal consultant regarding medication an orthopaedic doctor put me on. I usually have just your normal kidney bloods done including creatinine and gfr but today he has order cystatin c. Have any of you had this done? And why might he want this?

I think I'm having it as a am very petite with little muscle mass and the normal gfr doesnt give a true reading.

Any info greatly appreciated

Charlene x

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To check on all types of labs that may be ordered for your health care by a physician I suggest using labtestsonline.org I've included the link below right to the page for the Cystatin C test. Hope this helps you.


Thanks for the link it appears I was right and although its not the normal way to test the blood creatinine (gfr) for Joe blogs it common for those with lower muscle mass or amputees, this is a better test to do. I usually have a isotope test which is where you have radiation put into you and then bloods every hour for about 6 hours to watch the filtration rate.(I have this yearly) I'm in end stage renal function with a fistula but not on dialsyis but it's in discussions but I have issues with low blood pressure.

Glad to help. Hope it goes well for you. Keep us posted.

Great site! Thanks for sharing!

WYOAnneNKF Ambassador

Cystatin C - It's another way to figure out your filtration rate.......gfr. Maybe, your doctor wants to be sure what stage you and your kidneys are at.

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