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after reading a few blogs etc today i rechecked my BMI, something i haven't done in ages.

Starting BMI - 44.14

Current BMI - 27.16

just calculated that to get to inside the normal BMI (one of my aims in this journey) just another 7kg to go

yahoo todays started as a good day

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Well done you!


Thx been along journey but actually one i've enjoyed and wish to continue


You have done so well and should be very proud of yourself.



hard to believe now that i ever let myself get into that state, oh! the wisdom of hindsight


Oh my gosh, that's AMAZING!

They do say that BMI isn't always the best indicator of health, but when you look at the difference in yours it's obvious to see you're so much healthier. Have you also checked your waist to height ratio?



I hadn't but you had me running for the tape measure, (oooh im so easily led)

Well the waist was 46'ish when i started

Now 34

So according to an online calculator puts me as slender and healthy range.

Now that's brightened my day up.



Hi Bkkbull,

So, you'rll be starting to look out for your bus stop, then?

What do you reckon, about another 6 or 7 weeks and you'll be getting off the weight loss bus?

Well done.


Well to be honest never considered it too be a weight loss more of a complete healthy lifestyle change.

Never going to go back to the past lifestyle.

For 14 months i havent had any fizzy drinks etc and havent missed any of it. the smell of deep fat frying actually turns my stomach now. had a bag of frozen chips in the freezer for 14 months, reckon i could send them to the antique road show soon

I think maybe if i leave the bread alone which is my bad point i can get to my target weight. then its all about maintenance


Bread isn't an unhealthy thing to eat, though, unlike deep fat fried chips or fizzy drinks. As long as you choose whole grains, bread is a wonderful thing to have in your diet. I hate the current thinking that puts bread and all 'carbs' in the bad category, it's just not true!

That's wonderful that you don't miss anything you've given up. I miss cake like you wouldn't believe!


Unfortunately for a number of reasons i avoid bread.

1. i now live in a part of the world where its hard to find a traditional baker who makes real bread and if you do its just a ridiculous price, and not worth the journey.

2. Massed produced bread and supermarket bread has so many additives, and HFCS, and partially fermented yeasts etc so i try and avoid it as much as possible.

for me its not just about the losing weight issue, but the healthy lifestyle as well.

So maybe we can agree to disagree on the bread front

luckily when i travel into the adjoining country, which is an ex french colony, bread is still made on a smaller local scale, and still is great, but needs to be consumed on that day or it goes stale. So still traditional and so much better tasting.

personally i don't consider carb's as bad, its a necessary part of the diet.


That's fab! Well done and such a great attitude, it has to be a lifestyle change. Well done :)



getting more encouragement than i thought possible

cheers everyone


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